5 industries that have successfully migrated to the digital world

Technology has changed the life of each one of us. Migrating to the digital world is extremely important for companies and today we will give you 5 examples of industries that have achieved this effect.

5 industries that have migrated to the digital world and why

Today, millions of businesses, services, and new ideas thrive on the digital world that has changed the way we sell and engage consumers, and these five industries have managed to stay ahead in the digital world.

1 .ECommerce

One of the first industries that have managed to migrate effectively to the digital world has been that of commerce in general. The omnichannel has proven to be the winning bet: to offer the facility to buy at any time and place, either from a computer or mobile or by comparing prices and going to physical stores.

Amazon knows it and went from being just the giant of online shopping to establishing new innovative physical outlets. In Spain,  El Corte Ingl├ęs successfully integrated an eCommerce into its physical sales business model.


Until just a few years ago, planning a trip and getting it done was a matter of filling thousands of formats, visiting travel agencies and in the end, it could be quite disappointing. In the current digital world, you only need an internet connection: flights, transportation, accommodation, car rental, and all kinds of activities can be planned and contracted online.

Users can use services such as Trivago, or eDreams to search for the best options on their next trip, get feedback from users on all these services and compare prices, achieving great savings.


The online casinos are those that show more influence for the leisure industry since they have managed to enter fully into the digital world. If until a few years ago it was necessary to travel, spend hours to go and return to enjoy slot machines or place bets, today it is possible to register from anywhere in the world and play without limits in an online casino.

There is a large number of online casinos such as Casino Shark, which groups in a single Logar the information on bonuses, boats and software providers, which also analyzes the online games available.

On the other hand, slots are still quite popular. A game that was created in 1887 now has many virtual versions that catch the attention of thousands of users around the world.

4. Communication

The digital transformation has made it possible for anyone to communicate in real time anywhere in the world, and not only by phone calls but by SMS, instant messaging chats or video calls.

In recent years, platforms such as Skype or WhatsApp have allowed their users to connect with people around the world anytime, anywhere.

5. Entertainment

While television and film have so far played a leading role in the entertainment of thousands of people around the world, streaming music and videos have revolutionized the way users use their leisure hours.

Currently, Spotify, Netflix, and many other platforms compete to capture the interest of the millions of users who seek to consume movies and songs without waiting for a specific time of transmission.